Trakt Poster loading issue


I’m afraid the latest update broke something in regards to the way posters are loaded. But as far as I can see this is only happening with stuff that is synced via Trakt, for example “history”, “watchlist”, “rated movies/shows” and so on. The problem is that randomly a lot of posters for movies shows won’t load when in the main screen. See for example the first Screenshot. You can however force to load the poster when you go into the detail view of the movie/show. Afterwards it will show (see second screenshot).

Have a great day!

That’s strange, I didn’t changed something. Is this only on the home screen?

Does the reloaded posters disappear when you quit the app?

Hm, indeed strange. No, it’s also a problem when going into the list, for example Watchlist. Same goes for the two different views in that list, doesn’t matter if I select one or the other.

Actually no, if it loaded once then I can quit the app and it stays. What I can do is remove the Trakt account and sync it again. I’ll try that and report.

Next day edit: Only a complete wipe off the app got rid of the problem. I set everything up manually again and it seems to work, whatever the issue was it’s fine now. Sorry!

Good that it works. TMDb deletes posters because of copyright issues sometimes.