Title will not remove

All of a sudden I have the movie Breakthrough in my TV Shows list but this title is a movie and not on my watchlist, how can I remove it?

I’ve tried removing, re-adding a few times but it will not disappear.


Did you add the movie in Moviebase App or on Trakt website?

TV shows and movies are in separate watchlists. They cannot be mixed together.

If you are using trakt then you can try to remove it from the website

As far as I know, it wasnt added by myself. If I did add it, it was definitely removed from my watchlist. It all of a sudden appeared and doesnt have the icon saying it is in my watchlist.

I’ve checked my Trakt account and it is not listed anywhere within my account.

You say movies and shows cannot be missed, if you view the pics I’ve added, it clearly shows that the title is listed under TV Shows but it is a movie.

See attached;

Second pic attached;

Thanks for the images. You could try to mark it as watched, which removes the movie automatically from the watchlist.

If you didn’t add it into the watchlist then it came from the trakt sync :thinking:

It seems odd that the movie is in the TV Shows folder and the title is, 100% not in my watchlist or anywhere within Trakt.

I’ve marked it as watched but it remains in my watchlist (see pic).

I’ve restarted the app after marking it as watched but, no matter what I do, it remains :thinking:

I decided to re-install the app as the title would remain but after a couple of days, it has happened again but with a different title. As you can see by the pic attached, it is The Others, this is a movie and not a TV Show. Not quite sure what is causing this…

Hm that’s weird. Normally the app takes the data from Trakt directly.

I will check some IDs…

Many thanks, much appreciated.

I just uninstalled and reinstalled but now it has added the movie ‘Unsane’ to my TV Shows. So I can assume it randomly picks a title from my movies watchlist and adds it to my TV Shows watchlist.

The titles are always in my watchlist.

When the title gets added to TV Shows, it also remains in my movies watchlist…

I hope the info helps.

[UPDATE] I’ve just uninstalled Moviebase, and went to my Trakt profile and noticed two shows showing in my watchlist but the titles are not actually marked as being in my watchlist!

There is one thing which I have done recently, I deleted my Trakt account and setup a new one with the same credentials. The old data is not deleted but made anonymous and no longer attached to an account, I’m wondering if the system is getting confused over at Trakt and the so-called anonymous data is still somehow linked…

I noticed something which may help and as you can see by the pic, a new movie has appeared in my TV Shows Watchlist.

When I was viewing my watchlist all seemed fine until the image for a TV Show changed to a movie without any interaction.

The title in my watchlist that changed was 'People Magazine Investigates: Cults and it changed to the movie ‘Mary (2019)’.

I clicked on the image to see if it was just the image that changed but it had not, the app just changed the item fully.

So I have no idea why it did this.

I then decided to go to the Trakt website and check my watchlist but it shows Golden Years in place of the TV Show - I know, it’s getting confusing.

It must be the app making these changes, maybe?

I hope this extra info helps resolve this issue.

Can we roll back Moviebase to a previous version, I can then check if the latest update caused these issues?

Thanks. I will check it as soon as possible.

I found the bug today. There was an invalid copy from show to movie…

I am sorry for this issue, the fix will be updated as soon as possible.

Thanks, very much appreciated. Have you a donate button/paypal? May be worth adding a donate button within the app, then those who have purchased, can still donate now and again…

Thanks again…

Could the bug you found be causing the other issues, mentioned in other posts?

Thanks again…

Thanks. Donation is not necessary, support with reports and recommendation is good enough:)