Slow loading on tv show pages and movies

Since the last update the app become unresponsive

“App becomes unresponsive” Does it mean that it crashes all the time?

crashes all the time after being unresponsive during the navigation between shows and movies

i did send feedback from the app with logs …

i’ve installed last update the app is crashing now all the time do i have to go for a fresh install ?

This is the only issue that I know and Google doesn’t send me a bug report :confused:

Did you try to restart the app or relogin trakt? Maybe some content from TMDB via Maroc Telecom could not be loaded.

i did restart the app and relogin trakt but loading pages still slow and in calendar section the problem is lag when scrolling

Is the website also slow?

navigation seems fluid pages also loading fast i guess it’s normal because it’s a web based UI
i’ve sent an email with a video attached for more details

I optimized the latest version. The details should be loaded much faster.

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