Scrolling to the bottom of comments make the app crash

scrolling down to the bottom of comments then going up make the app crash.

NB: the tv shows and movies details page now opening faster i guess the slowness was api related

Comments are already fixed :slight_smile:
I will add a new beta today.

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i updated to 2.5.1 but the app won’t connect with trakt

There is already a 2.5.2, but Google didn’t released it yet.
Version 2.5.1 was the wrong one :frowning:

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Version is online. Sorry for that, I am bit too fast with releasing…

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i’m on v 2.5.2 but the synchronize in ratings for movies and episodes is stuck also in history for movies

reopen screen or swipe refresh page :wink:

tried that but still stuck


Reconnect to Trakt service, because of the last version issue :frowning:

still stuck it is like what happened before as mentioned in this old post