Ratings not syncing

Ratings are not syncing with Trakt; I’ve checked online and the individual episodes are rated, Moviebase doesn’t seem to reflect these ratings. I’ve removed and re-rated and this didn’t resolve the issues…

I’ve had nothing but problems as of late, the last two, possibly three updates is when all this started.

I sync with Trakt and, although Moviebase says the sync for ratings was successful - it clearly isn’t. However, progress sync seems to fail every time.

Problems with movies showing up in the TV shows section, Moviebase adding random titles to my Trakt account and many more (see other posts).

I uninstall the app, then reinstall and this solves my issues but only for a very short time or when the app automatically syncs, usually upon starting.

Not sure what to do, a great app but these problems are a big annoyance and after paying, I may be forced to use another app.

Hopefully these issues can be resolved but I’ve tried everything, without success. :pensive:

Its definitely the Moviebase App causing these problems, I setup a new trakt account for use with the app and the same problems occur… Not good.


Syncing still a big issue, the Moviebase App seems to be changing the season/episode numbers.

I rated Vikings S06E01 / S06E02 using the Trakt Kodi Plugin, all was fine, data synced across devices.

However, overnight, the Moviebase App has changed the details of the episodes rated;

The App now shows I’ve rated S02E02 / S01E01 but the episode title has remained those of S06E01 / S06E02?

I click those titles and it displays the details from S01.

I’ve checked trakt and all is fine, everything is correct. I can only assume the app is changing something when syncing data with Trakt.

Is this a known issue? Is it account related? I would really appreciate some help on this and all other issues please because it is no longer accurate.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I will check the rating sync and movie/TV show trakt sync as soon as possible!

Thanks, much appreciated. It seems like a strange one all of this. I’m surprised that others haven’t noticed the issues, this is why I thought it may be account related but I’ve never saved anything to my Moviebase account, I don’t think it is even possible as it just uses trakt.

I’ve tried many of times deleting my Trakt Account and starting a new one, this solves the issues but not for long, as soon as it automatically syncs, the problems appear. If I manually sync, it doesnt happen.

I’ve removed the ratings and it seems fine.

Hopefully we find a solution. Oh! These issues seem to only effect TV Shows.

Many thanks again, if I can help in any way, let me know.

Have a good weekend…

Maybe this is also effected by the wrong ID set between movie and TV show.

Version will be released on weekend. Need to Test a few things. Thanks for your patience.