Moviebase 2.4.2 - Trakt Sync seems to work only one way

hi dear @chris the problem still persist
Stuck on synchronize…

episodes marked as watched
episode marked as watched in moviebase but doesn’t sync with trakt and vice versa this particular problem seems to happen only with one piece after the last update 2.4.2 could be with some other tv shows

Problems here also, looks like the ratings are not syncing with Trakt, however it seems fine if I rate via the Trakt website. Just seems to be an issue if I rate within the app…

Same here. It is not syncing with trakt.

Thought I’d run a clean install but the app keeps crashing; error report(s) sent.

Any idea when a fix will be rolled out? I’ve had to uninstall the app as it is causing problems when adding titles to watchlist, along with the other issues detailed in this thread…

I’ve just received another update where the sync seemed to be working. However a few minutes in syncing my rating (as shown in my screen in my last post) the app started to do the same thing like it did to you. Force Close and now constant crashes. I’m going to reset the App and try that, will update this post.

Update: Nope, didn’t help. With this Version (Clean install) everything works fine until you start to sync the rated Episodes with Trakt, or more precise open this page:

It will sync for a time and eventually the Application will crash for me at around ~1000 Episodes left to fetch. Opening the App again after that will result in either two scenarios:

  1. Force Close again
  2. Open but with no Data, no Homescreen etc., just a blank page.

new update recently pushed v 2.4.4 but nothing has changed problems with sync as mentioned in my previous post still exist :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes, same here as seen above in my post.
However this is to be expected with a Beta, so I’m happy to report and hopefully @chris can fix it with our help :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that. I will take more time to test the code instead of a fast version release.

The issue is not really complicated, just mixed names for the lists. The app used the name “rated” instead of “rating” when loading data :see_no_evil: Happens through refactoring the app a bit.


The crashes come from an external library. Thats a bit sad.


No problem, thats what Beta Versions are for, I think we all understood that when we signed up through the Play Store :+1:

Unfortunate with the crashes, especially when you need to rely on external resources :frowning: However I personally have only seen them when it crashed during the “rating” sync, so maybe they are not as frequent anymore when that problem is solved?

Thanks, let’s check the ratings!

thank you @chris synchronisation is working now however the problem with one piece episode 932 still exists i marked it as seen in the app but in trakt nothing happens is it because the app isn’t pointing on the exact episode number as mentioned in my previous post
instead of

also if i try to check in on it an error popup

again thank you for fixing the sync issues

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Good that the sync work again :slight_smile: I was a little bit too fast with development. Next time I create more tests.

About One Piece:
Trakt is using the total number and TMDB is using the relative number. I didn’t fix it yet, but I have an eye on it.

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Unfortunately I cannot confirm the same. I still have problems the sync from the “Ratings/Episodes” section. It started to sync (in total 2376 rated Episodes) until there were only 103 left. Then it stopped for about 2 or 3 minutes and then the Application crashed. Restarting it now gives me sync exceptions, empty screens and crashes. Only way to get it working again is deleting the App Data. Something must still be off on that section.

These are screenshots after it stopped syncing and crashed. Is there anyway to debug this further?

This is the external library issue :frowning:

As you can see, it effects the entire database (home screen as well).

Do you insert a backup file?
As I understand, you do following:

  • Close the app
  • Clear the app data
  • Sign in your trakt account
  • Sync all data until rated episodes
  • App crashes?

I didn’t see proper crash logs in my Google Play Console

I will try to sync more than 2300 rated episodes, but the error occurs in the other lists as well.


yes, might very well be, it wouldn’t be a problem if it wouldn’t render the app unusable afterwards without deleting data. By crash I mean the application just Force Closes without warning or any Error, I’m just back to the Homescreen/Drawer. The sequence basically goes as follows:

1-4 is correct what you said. Actually “Sync all data until rated episodes” also works if you are refering to the “Synchronisation” Screen in general with the checkmark overview for all synced sections.

But then going into the actual sub-section of the App called Ratings (Bewertungen) and then Episodes it syncs remaining data, in my case around 2300 episodes. Exactly this Screen:

At some point midway through, in my case 103 remaining episodes (exactly 103 every time) the App crashes like outlined apove and then basically each screen is empty as shown in my last post. I can also do a quick screencap if it helps.

I chunked the list for adding the episodes to the database. Maybe it was too many transaction at once.

Hi chris,

It seems that this did the trick. I received the latest Update a few minutes ago, deleted App Data and set up the application again. Sync went through for every section now :grinning: