Missing Seasons' Despite Correct Trakt Information

Is anyone else having a problem with missing seasons?

It seems to affect a good number of TV Shows, one being ‘People Magazine Investigates’. Trakt shows four seasons but Moviebase only two, those being season one and two.

I’ve also added ‘People Magazine Investigates: Cults’, despite Trakt showing two seasons, Moviebase fails to show/display the TV show.

Any ideas what is going on here please?

Any help/advice is appreciated…


the data will be loaded from TMDB

and trakt hasn’t connected the TMDB ID for

If the data comes from TMDB, what does Trakt do?

They take the data from TVDB. What we can do is refresh the data on the trakt page and contribute episodes on TMDB page :wink:

I think I understand;

So Trakt.tv pulls the data from TVDB.

Why can’t we contribute by adding the missing seasons on TVDB, why must we add the missing seasons via TMDB? *confused"

If I have some free time tomorrow, I’ll add the missing seasons/episodes.

If Trakt gets the information via TVDB, why does Trakt show all the seasons but TVDB not? ^confused*

That’s a good question, I thought they use only TVDB. Maybe they collect the data from different providers.

For the App the Most important source is TMDB.

FYI (Trakt Data);

“TVDB is the master record for seasons and episodes, so we use what they have. TMDB is used to fill in images and some info, but it needs to exist on TVDB.”

Hopefully this will help you, it seems like TVDB is the more accurate source. It would be good if you could somehow, use Trakt to supply the data within Moviebase or use TVDB but I would have thought Trakt would be the best source. I dont know how all of this works and it may not be possible, just a suggestion.

Thanks in advance…

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Thanks for the research :slight_smile: At the moment, there is no time left to switch to TVDB completely. I think it would cost a few months of development.