Floating button not marking episodes as seen

the floating button only add tv show to history but doesn’t mark episodes as seen

This is on purpose, because many users wants to add the TV show only without starting episodes.

Do you want to add all episodes at once?

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i thought it was a bug, sorry @chris u can keep it as it is it make sense now thank u

This behavior it isn’t clear for me.

The UI(pop up message) it is the same for mark as seen and for only add to history, isn’t?

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when pop up appear the mark as seen add the tv show to history only it doesn’t mark seasons episodes as seen because some people like it behave that way

Yeah, now I understand the behavior, but it keeps weird in my mind.

The pop up message it is exactly the same:

  • "When did you watch this? "-

as when I mark an episode as seen. But the final result it is different. It is no big deal for me, just a little strange. What’s the point of add an episode to history but keep it as unseen?

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u r right that’s what i was thinking may be some people are adding the tv show to history so they can watch it later may be that’s how they use it like save for later but there is watchlist does that perfectly
i’m thinking @chris if he may should make it actually mark all seasons as seen

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For TV show, the button is more like following this TV show. If the button should mark all episodes as watched then it has to load all content into the app. This would a big overhead in lists, where you can mark a TV show very fast.

In that case it should be a different button (different shape/color/symbol).

Because it is strange than floating button in TV Shows add the show to the history (but episodes it remains as unwatched), but in seasons tab, the same button mark all as seen.

If mark all episodes as seen it is too heavy for the app I simply suggest to change the floating button icon to separate both behaviors.

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Good point! I am not sure which icon/color could fit.

movie -> add to history
show -> add to history (Trakt doesn’t have this feature, only Google sync)
season -> all episodes (no seasons in history)
episode -> add to history

Maybe I should remove the season floating button as well or at least have a double check icon.

The check icon in the TV show list/poster items have the same functionality. Changing this icon would be complicated, because the icon is used for seasons and episodes as well.

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