Feedback on beta 2.5.0

great update easier navigation between episodes the notifications redirection is working scrolling in calendar is faster now
. pages of tv shows and movies not loading faster sometimes slow load
. watch remaining still not working
. pressing tv show button the middle one redirect to progress but the selected is upcoming

. in home page the cards of next episodes the bottom border radius is not perfect leaked the posters sometimes

. seasons info instead of netflix display the logo would be better the runtime isn’t important because it’s already in about page

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

  • Which page are slow? Do you mean the lists or the detail pages?
  • I fixed the watched remain when the episode don’t have a release date. Do you have another issue?
  • The position of the progress tab will be saved. There will come an episode tab in the version 2.6
  • I just fixed the bottom border, thanks :slight_smile:
  • Aired episodes, runtime and network are on the about page :wink: I will think about the content.
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Do you mean this one? Watch remaining

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hello dear chris
. it’s slow on the detail pages while loading but not all the time just sometimes
. about watch remaining yes this one watch remaining

thank you i’m enjoying the new update specially the navigation between episodes it’s now easier

This should be fixed in the beta version. Episodes will be added if they are aired.


Version 2.5.2 is online

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Thanks, this feature it will be nice!

Just an idea @chris.

What do you think about the same navigation method as you have implemented in episodes view (very cool feature) but also in seasons view?

I added it to the task board. I have to find the right position for this navigation bar :wink:

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i’m not sure if it’s necessary because this option doing that job beautifully

The same functionality it already exists in episodes view.

But personally I’d prefer the new one. It is easier for me

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