Feature request badges

the concept is very easy integrating badges related to every tv show let’s take game of thrones for example :

if episode marked as seen after 48h of the episode air date the badge would be
Quick Watcher every badge should have 3 stars each star given for 5 episodes if watched or something else based on the show max episodes more example below

Marathoner can be given if watched 3 episodes in 24h

Serial Commentator on commenting less than 1 hour after watching each episode

Mr Clean when progress is empty and u have nothing left to watch exclude hidden

Stalker if u have check another user’s profile

badges can be shareable

i’m just talking about an idea in general it’s not a must have i’m sure if u find it interesting u can discover more badges to implement this forum is doing great on badges so would be nice to have that in app too

Hey, I added it to the task board https://trello.com/c/q0MQDzA1/134-add-badges-for-users

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