Change the Main Rating of the app

Can be possible to change the Main Rating for the shows and movies? Now Is TMDB and would be great change It with the others, like iMDB :smiley:
(Now the app orders shows and movies / have the rating icons on the poster only with the TMDB )

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Unfortunately it isnโ€™t possible because the lists comes from TMDb.

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It can be changed. It is possible to see the first visible score of a movie or series from Trakt, but it must be a premium.

@Vural_Akbas Thanks for the note. The rating in the details can be changed.

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Why IMDb could only showed in details screen and not in main one?

Every movie has to request the server for the rating. This would end up in a slow performance, traffic and a lot of work :pensive:

Iโ€™ve just been looking at this; I find TMDB Ratings not very accurate, it would be good if we could have other ratings displayed on the cover art, saves time clicking different titles to view ratings of individual titles.

However, if it will affect the apps performance, then I assume it would be better to keep as is.